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April 2013

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April 2013, Issue 3 volume 4

Intel STS 2013 winner Sara Volz with Lavar Burton and Bill Nye introducing the White House Science Fair 

Nine SSP Alumni Attend White House Science Fair

Nine Society for Science & the Public (SSP) science competition alumni attended the third White House Science Fair today where President Obama honored winners of the nation’s top science competitions and viewed their award-winning projects.

All nine students were participants in at least one of SSP’s prestigious science education programs: the Intel® Science Talent Search®, the Intel® International Science and Engineering Fair®, or the Broadcom MASTERS®. The students invited to participate were Jack Andraka, 16, of Crownsville, MD; Jessika Baral, 13, of Fremont, CA; Easton LaChappelle, 16, of Mancos, CO; Caleb Meyer, 18, of Hope, ND; Naethan Mundkur, 17, of Louisville, KY; Sara Volz, 17, of Colorado Springs, CO; Megan Waples, 16, of Mequon, WI; Brittany Wenger, 18, of Sarasota, FL; and Mabel Wheeler, 13, of Orem, Utah. Baral and Wheeler are in junior high; all others are current high school students.

 Also present were Victor Cruz of the New York Giants; Bill Nye, the Science Guy; and Kal Penn, actor and former Associate Director of the Office of Public Engagement.


Elizabeth Marincola, SSP President and Publisher of the Science News family of publications, gave a speech April 18 on open access and the translation of medical research at TEDMed in Washington, DC. SSP offered free passes to five student alumni and free online access to SSP members and Science News subscribers.


The Tech Awards honor science and technology innovators whose life-changing work touches millions of people around the world in profound and positive ways. Awards are made in five categories and SSP alumni are especially encouraged to apply in the Young Innovator category (must be under 27). Three SSP alumni have previously won Tech Awards. Application deadline: May 1, 2013.


Sara Volz, Intel STS 2013

Winners of the Intel Science Talent Search 2013 were announced in March. Watch the Intel STS Highlights video here. Want to support hands-on scientific research? Volunteer for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair being held in Phoenix this May.

alumni updates


Daniel Newmyer, SSP 2009 Fellow, received the 2013 Alan Shepard Technology in Education Award, which recognizes the innovative use of technology by K-12 educators. Read a January 2011 SSP blog post about Daniel.

Based on remnants of plumage in a remarkably preserved fossil of a meat-eating megalosaur, paleontologists suggest that all dinosaurs could have had feathers. Credit: Courtesy of Helmut Tischlinger, the Eichstätt Museum of the Jurassic

Science News Reporters Honored by DC Science Writers Association

Science News received two honorable mentions in this year's Newsbrief Awards of the DC Science Writers Association.

One went to Meghan Rosen for her July 2012 story  "All Dinosaurs May Have Had Feathers." Life sciences writer Susan Milius was also honored for her October 15, 2012 "It's Alive" column (which runs exclusively in Science News Prime), "Bees More Cuckoo Than Birds."

Want to meet a Science News reporter? Janet Raloff, Senior Editor, Science News for Kids, will be moderating a panel, Toddlers to Techies: Getting an Early Jump on STEM at the U.S. News STEM Solutions conference in Austin, TX June 17-19, 2013.

SSP Receives 3rd Consecutive 4-Star Rating from Charity Navigator

Society for Science & the Public received the third consecutive 4-star rating for sound fiscal management and commitment to accountability and transparency from Charity Navigator. Only 10% of charities evaluated have received 3 or more consecutive 4-star ratings. Read more about SSP's financial information or donate today!

Highlights from Science News

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Scientists are studying the brain and helmets to better understand and prevent concussions. Researchers at Virginia Tech use this device to test how well helmets protect heads. Credit: Courtesy of Steven Rowson

Highlights from Science News for Kids 

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